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Pooja Desai

About Me

Welcome to my wellness page. I have 25 years of experience in healthcare and I am practicing Mindfulness Coach since 2020. My wellness journey sprouted from childhood with my desire to become calm in a chaotic world. In return, it taught me how to be resilient. Meditation and mindfulness has transformed me into a more positive, productive, and peaceful person, and I can’t wait to share its benefits with you.

My techniques are simple and easy to integrate into daily life, no matter how busy you are. I have helped hundreds of people from all backgrounds and skill levels. Join me today to start your transformation journey.

Home: About Me
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Tia Bua

The Storyteller

Children's Wellness Books

Pooja Desai, also known as Tia Bua, is a compassionate storyteller and a champion of mindfulness and wellness.

Tia Bua, which means Aunt derived from Spanish and Hindi, encapsulates Pooja's multicultural family experience. She highlights her identity as a caring American Desi Aunt who expertly intertwines her own life stories with empowering lessons about wellness, awareness, diversity, inclusion, and fairness.

With a particular passion for children's wellness, the stories she shares from this unique perspective are brimming with kindness, energy, and a strong commitment to empowering others.

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, Tia Bua leverages her extensive knowledge to guide others on their personal wellness journey. During her own journey towards mindfulness, she discovered her unique magic, inspiring her to empower others to believe in theirs.

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Tia Bua

Believes In Your Magic

'Tia Bua Believes in Your Magic' is a beautifully crafted narrative by Pooja Desai that encourages readers on their mindfulness and wellness journey.  Tia Bua, as she's fondly known, expertly intertwines her own life stories with empowering lessons. This book helps young readers access their magic with a tool to help them stay calm in a chaotic world. Please, join Tia Bua on her wellness journey and discover the magic within you by visiting the link below!

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Coming Soon

Tia Bua

Celebrates Being Mixed, Blended, Colored and Loved.

'Tia Bua celebrates being mixed, blended colored and loved' is an embowering journey that blends culture, diversity, and inclusion within a family setting. Pooja Desai, also known as Tia Bua, stories are told through the lens of a multicultural Desi Aunt. Rich with personal experiences and multicultural insights, they reflect her blended family heritage and resonate with her passion for children's wellness. This book helps young readers understand their sense of belonging within any family. Please, join Tia Bua on her wellness journey and discover the magic within you!

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This is an absolutely amazing book with a beautiful message that should be read by everyone!

Miss Migliazza
1st grade teacher

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